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Sunshine and Shadow – The Shadow Part

When a person begins to research quilt patterns to any extent, it can be confusing, for you discover early on that many patterns have a number of different names. Much of the research I’ve done for my work-in-progress (WIP) story … Continue reading

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A Peaceful Place

Two decades ago, in my fifties, life brought a curve ball so profound that it took most of the decade to work through. My children were grown, I was single, and I ached for a place to find peace. It … Continue reading

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Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

I’ve happily returned to quilt-making, to the quilt that will, along with my memoir, represent much of the story of my life. The quilt is comprised of a variety of patterns ranging from the early 1800s, the 1900s, and also … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Community – A Bovina Story

Bovina Center, NY was, and remains to this day, a tiny rural town in the Catskill Mountains, a “dry” town where you could not purchase alcohol beverages, a place where quilting never died, and where the singular church, a Presbyterian … Continue reading

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My 1950 Toni Home Perm

I was eight years old in 1950 and Toni Home permanents were all the rage. Many of my third grade classmates were appearing in school looking so pretty with their curls. Now my Mom had just purchased a Toni home … Continue reading

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Carol’s Coats

Carol Tyree. We worked together for over a decade. We retired together on the last work day of 2011. She was more deeply devoted to her family and her church than anyone I had known. And we shared several seasons … Continue reading

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When Mental Illness Touches Your Life…

“This is,” the author says, “the story of a family that was close and then came apart.” Nothing Like Normal: Surviving a Sibling’s Schizophrenia by Martha Graham-Waldon poses this question on the cover: What if you woke up one day … Continue reading

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Literary Citizenship Tips

Source: Literary Citizenship Tips

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Writing Circles

Fifteen years ago, on a frigid January morning, I checked off my first New Year’s resolution for 2001: I joined Story Circle Network, a national organization dedicated solely to women with stories to tell. Soon after, I was assigned to … Continue reading

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Simplicity and Love: Homemade Gifts

I’m slipping back, for a moment, three decades to when we lived on our Catskill dairy farm. When my children were small, we made all our gifts by hand, creating remarkable memories and tangibles that I treasure to this day. … Continue reading

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