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Gifts of a Low-Energy Day

What to do on a cloudy, low-energy Thursday following a Wednesday filled with heady activities? Yesterday, my neighbor, Rita, invited me for lunch, a fellow writer who also has a long-established animal sanctuary on her property. Her long-time friend, Marilyn, … Continue reading

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Opening a New Chapter in Life

  This morning my youngest daughter, Susan, left on the first leg of her move to California, where she will open a new chapter in her life. A new job, a new unknown-as-yet-to-her state to live in, some long-time friends, … Continue reading

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A Sweet Evening

Each Wednesday evening my newly-formed life-writing circle meets at the Crozet Library from 7-8:45 pm. One of the preparation parts I especially enjoy is making a treat for us. For tonight I decided on chocolate since Valentine’s Day was a … Continue reading

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Gladys’ Quilt

Today I’m wondering how old a quilt has to be before it is considered an heirloom, so checked my college Webster New World dictionary, which says: 1. A piece of personal property that goes to an heir along with an … Continue reading

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A Mystical Birth Day Gift

In the early morning hours of my recent birth day, I woke embraced in total darkness and thought of my mother exactly 74 years earlier. I knew her labor was prolonged and so I knew now, at 3am, she and … Continue reading

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Sunshine and Shadow – Completed

  I completed the Sunshine and Shadow quilt square today, which will be the masthead of Chapter 17 in my memoir. I particularly love greens and yellows, and these added an extra dimension of mindful pleasure to the lengthy process … Continue reading

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A Tiny Story About Compassion

No act of violence is as strong as an act of compassion. I found the words recently on a slip of paper that had fallen between my driver and passenger seats. I didn’t recall writing them, so it must have … Continue reading

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