Opening a New Chapter in Life


This morning my youngest daughter, Susan, left on the first leg of her move to California, where she will open a new chapter in her life. A new job, a new unknown-as-yet-to-her state to live in, some long-time friends, as well as new friends await her. She has been visiting with us here in Virginia since she left Florida two weeks ago and it’s been a wonderful visit.


My daughters, Polly, left, and Susan, last evening

Transitions this large are not always easy, are often bittersweet, require much courage, and yet from my own experience, bring new opportunities as well as abundant new growth. Sue has been planning this for many months and she is ready. Readier than I, as a matter of fact, yet I know her decision is solid and good.

So, as she starts her travels on these  new roads of her journey, my heart feels so close to her. She doesn’t know it right now, but I travel in the truck cab with her, watching the miles pass by and my mind engaged in conversation with her.

I miss you already, sweet daughter. Be safe, be well, get rested, and be open to what resonates within your heart as you encounter opportunities that will enrich your life. Shalom, and so much love, Mom


Susan, last evening, with Merle, Polly’s foster dog


About Mary Jo Doig

Mary Jo Doig was the first in her family to attend college and graduated from the State University at Oneonta in New York’s Catskill Mountains with a degree in Secondary English Education/Educational Psychology. There she fell in love with rural life, remained, and eventually transitioned from city girl to country woman when she married a dairy farmer and raised their three children on their small family farm. A life-long lover of reading and writing, Mary Jo has for nearly twenty years been a member of the Story Circle Network. There she has been an editor, a women’s writing circle facilitator, a book reviewer, and life-writing enthusiast, working extensively with women writing their life-stories while writing her own memoir. Presently, she is a three-time Program Chair for SCNs national Stories from the Heart conference and a board member. She also facilitates Older Women’s Legacy workshops and a women’s life-writing circle in her area communities. Her stories have appeared in Kitchen Table Stories anthology, Story Circle Annual Anthologies, and most recently her story “I Can’t Breathe” was published in the Anthology, Inside and Out: Women’s Truths, Women’s Stories. Her work also appears in varied blogs and periodicals, on her blog Musings from a Patchwork Quilt Life (, Facebook, and Twitter. Her son and two daughters grown, Mary Jo presently treasures her country life in Virginia’s Central Shenandoah Valley. She loves cooking (and eating!) healthy food, reading, writing, quilting, hiking, and spending quality time with her rescue cats, Button and Xena, and beagle, Addie, who each dream of being only children. Her first book, Patchwork: A Memoir of Love and Loss, will be published in October, 2018 by She Writes Press.
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2 Responses to Opening a New Chapter in Life

  1. Keep writing, and I will keep reading….love to hear about your life

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    • Mary Jo Doig says:

      Thanks, Donna. It so nice to connect with you again. Susan just left Buttonwillow, CA this morning for her final 500 miles to Eureka. I’ll be so happy when she arrives. Her traveling alone has been a constant concern… Hugs, Mary Jo


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