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The Cat’s in the Cradle

I walk past my oldest antique, a cradle that my grandmother, Edna Cartwright Davis, born in the late 1800s, slept in as an infant. When she grew out of it, someone carried it upstairs into an attic where it remained … Continue reading

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One Wedding Ring – A Quilt Story

Wedding rings have been on my mind the past few days, with an abundant arc of images ranging from the simplest of bands to the most glamorous and sophisticated rings passing through my mind. Why wedding rings? Am I getting … Continue reading

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A Small Quilt with a Big Life Lesson

Remember the days of balancing: raising young children, holding a full-time job, laundry, meals, and the myriad of other responsibilities we juggled and somehow it all worked out? Today I was gazing at the small wall hanging I made decades … Continue reading

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Gladys’ Quilt

Today I’m wondering how old a quilt has to be before it is considered an heirloom, so checked my college Webster New World dictionary, which says: 1. A piece of personal property that goes to an heir along with an … Continue reading

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Sunshine and Shadow – Completed

  I completed the Sunshine and Shadow quilt square today, which will be the masthead of Chapter 17 in my memoir. I particularly love greens and yellows, and these added an extra dimension of mindful pleasure to the lengthy process … Continue reading

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Sunshine and Shadow – The Shadow Part

When a person begins to research quilt patterns to any extent, it can be confusing, for you discover early on that many patterns have a number of different names. Much of the research I’ve done for my work-in-progress (WIP) story … Continue reading

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Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

I’ve happily returned to quilt-making, to the quilt that will, along with my memoir, represent much of the story of my life. The quilt is comprised of a variety of patterns ranging from the early 1800s, the 1900s, and also … Continue reading

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The Turtle – My Totem

My editor, Linda Hasselstrom, recently returned my manuscript with many richly helpful comments, and an intriguing one that took me on a little research journey. In the chapter I named Ocean Waves, I included a quilt square sample to give … Continue reading

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The Bovina Quilt

In 1973 I married and moved to a tiny farming community tucked well off the two-lane Catskill Mountain highways in Delaware County, New York. There, in my late 20s, I joined a community of endearing, eclectic people, a mere few … Continue reading

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Home from the Desert – A Patchwork Story

I returned home last week after spending ten weeks caring for a friend in Las Vegas who was diagnosed last December with the deadly brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme IV. It was early spring when I left my central Virginia home; … Continue reading

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