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Two decades ago, when life tugged me away from the little Catskill Mountain town where I’d hoped to live out my days, many years passed before I realized how much of my heart remains there and how much of Bovina … Continue reading

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Glorious Autumn Harvest Muffins

Between working on my memoir, taking long and lovely autumn walks on quiet country roads with Addie, time with family, my lovely writing circle, reading, and the many other things I love to do, I realized this morning as I … Continue reading

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Simple, Delicious Hard Red Wheat Berry Bread

If you love homemade bread, in particular a dense and chewy, richly-flavored, whole-grain loaf, here’s a recipe I’ve been using lately that’s amazingly easy to make and, oh, so delicious to eat. Almost No-Work Whole Grain Bread 3 cups whole … Continue reading

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Crikey, It’s Only Ten Pounds!

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Horrified, I opened the door into this disease to understand it. I learned, for starters, that I had to begin eating differently and that I had to exercise regularly. In … Continue reading

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A Sweet Evening

Each Wednesday evening my newly-formed life-writing circle meets at the Crozet Library from 7-8:45 pm. One of the preparation parts I especially enjoy is making a treat for us. For tonight I decided on chocolate since Valentine’s Day was a … Continue reading

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My 1950 Toni Home Perm

I was eight years old in 1950 and Toni Home permanents were all the rage. Many of my third grade classmates were appearing in school looking so pretty with their curls. Now my Mom had just purchased a Toni home … Continue reading

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Green Eggs and Ham

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish … The Cat in the Hat… How the Grinch Stole Christmas… Hop on Pop… Fox in Sox… Are You My Mother… The Lorax… Oh, the Places You’ll Go… and so many more. … Continue reading

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Breakfast Cheesecake

“Momma,” my daughter, Polly, calls up the staircase, “Can Sue and I eat the cheesecake in the fridge for breakfast?” I pause as I rinse my face with cool water. Hmm. I wonder: what kind of nutrition does cheesecake give … Continue reading

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On the Kitchen Table – Posh Squash

Zucchini. Does the word conjure up anything in particular for you? For me, I always chuckle and slide back in time to 1974, the year I, city girl that I’d been, became a farm wife, the year I planted my … Continue reading

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In My Bones

Is there anyone who does not love homemade bread? If so, I have not met that person, have you? As a young mother of two toddlers in the early 60s, I was gifted with a kind neighbor who taught me … Continue reading

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